Project Thrive

Project Thrive

Project Thrive explores those who are living their best life, whether or not they have overcome great adversity to get there. What are their stories? Are there factors in common among them — and if so, can others apply them to show up fully and live their best life?

What does “living your best life” mean?

Living your best life means that you are showing up fully, putting forth your best self in the world, including the talents that are uniquely you; and that others have the chance to benefit by you being authentically you, as a result. Living your best life always has a constructive impact on the world whether in small ways or large, whether by inspiring or giving, taking action or simply being in ways that are positive.

If you stop and ask yourself, “Am I stepping up fully and doing exactly what I want with my life, feeling joyful and abundant doing it, and hopefully making the world a better place in the process?” and your answer is a resounding, “yes!” — and if you’d like to share your story with others — then I’d like to talk to you.

If you know someone who fits the bill, please send them a link to this page and ask if they may wish to spread their knowledge to inspire others through participating in this project.

Why share your story with others?

Two reasons: to inform and inspire

As stories of those who are fully thriving in their lives are gathered, information will be collected, looking at common ground, and identifying factors that ultra thriving people possess. Understanding these factors can be a step toward offering a road map to others for how to show up fully in their lives, as well. In the process of telling and sharing stories, the hope is to inspire others.

How to participate

If you are interested in participating, please connect {hyperlink to Connect on home page] with Living Stories and drop a line about your interest in Project Thrive.


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May 2, 2015

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