Lens of Love

This project is a photographic exploration of the idea that we are all spiritual beings, beautiful at our core. My intent is to capture that beauty with the express purpose of inviting the viewer to experience the beauty of another unknown to them and often marginalized by society. When we connect with the beauty and truth of our shared humanity through the image of a total stranger — one that we might otherwise overlook or even pre-judge — then perhaps we can more deeply connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, through the lens of love. I find it vital that each person is photographed in the context of her/his life. This is the texture of our existence, imbedded in how we live and how we perceive the world around us. To access the spiritual center of another is to experience a visceral shift in perception from the context of their world in relation to ours, to an expanded awareness referred to by the Balinese people as Tat Twam Asi — transl. I am you and you are me.

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