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About Living Stories

Connecting people with the best in themselves and each other is at the heart of Living Stories. We naturally desire connection yet often find that social media and other broadcast technology only scratch the surface. Living Stories is a forum for connecting at a deeper level through sharing our stories and tapping into our inner wisdom ~ shining a light on the brightest part of our shared humanity.

Dr. Sharon Hoffman’s research on the power of story to connect us is the core of Living Stories. Her work interweaves story, psychology, creative forms of expression, and broadcast media to bring people together.

This site provides experiences that connect and inspire through projects, such as Lens of Love; and communication channels, such as the Podcast. Living Stories also provides a roadmap for how to connect more deeply through the Store selections and the Blog. Living Stories also highlights various special resources ~ people and projects with a complimentary philosophy or purpose.


Lens of Love

Project Thrive


The Living Stories Podcast is coming soon. Click here to get the full details on how you can join the Living Stories podcast.

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